Protoform 200 mm

Protoform 200 mm

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Protoform Vauxhall Vectra...

Protoform Vauxhall Vectra 200 mm Clear Body

Made with Genuine .030 Lexan

Made for Foam or Rubber tire racing

Meets all GBS/EFRA/IFMAR/ROAR specs
Fits 200 mm  Nitro or Electric TC chassis. Complete with window mask, decal sheet, wing mounting hardware, and paint-then-peel overspray film

Artikelcode: PRT 1432 -00

Prijs € 29,95

Protoform Mazda 6 200 mm...

Protoform Mazda 6  200 mm sedan Nitro body.

• Light durable .030 lexan with protective film

• Unique and aggressive styling

Artikel code PRT 1466-00

Prijs € 29,95